Suatao Restaurant

Our business started from the 1st generation,which relocated from China.Our very first business is Banquet service chinese style and it’s our only business at the time.

Our business became very successful and continued to 2nd generation,which we decided to open our very first restaurant,located in Bangrak area,so we’ve named this restaurant “ Suatao Bangrak” and run our business ever since. Our location now is at Bhumiphol 1 bridge on Suksawas side,our restaurant is very well known for chinese dish and in the business for more than 30 years,the restaurant is currently managing by the 4th generation and will continue our journey  to keep service our customers as long as we can.  

              Our must try menu

Grouper fish head with Taro soup

Our restaurant is specialize in fish head,
of course our popular menu couldn’t be other dish than
“ Grouper fish head with Taro soup”

We’ve selected only high quality grouper fish head,boil in fish bone
and dried squid brot,sweet taste from fried Taro and finished with some leeks,
giving delicious aroma to all over the restaurant.


Crispy oyster omelette

Our crispy oyster omelette is also one of our most popular menu,
with fresh oysters and crispness of the omelette serving on hot plate,
we’re guaranteed if you try, you will love it!

Crab meat fried rice

This dish may look like an ordinary fried rice but our
“crab meat fried rice” only use fine quality rice and crab meat, well seasoning and stir-fried.
This menu is loved by both children and adult.

Shrimp Rolled

Shrimp rolled is one of the most popular menu at Suatao,
beside order fish head soup,don’t forget to order shrimp rolled as well,
our shrimp rolled is filled with shrimp,ham,shiitake mushroom,
salted egg yolk and then wrapped with bean sheet.